This past week has been the epitome of undying support, and it ended with a cherry on top this weekend with my family. Since the publishing of Saudade, the support has been amazing, but it wasn’t until my Twitch TV live stream celebration, the celebration at Cork Cafe and the celebration at my aunt house that it all hit me in the feels. I’ve been thankful for everything thus far, but somehow I became speechless—like words couldn’t form in my brain and come out my mouth.

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Major Lessons Learned for Self-Publishing (so far…)

This Fall I spontaneously decided to publish a book of poetry. I’m currently on the self-publishing route at the moment—that way I only have to rely on myself to make things happen and not a major publishing firm to play the “years of waiting game.” I don’t claim to be an expert on publishing whatsoever, I’m literally doing this on my own and sharing my experiences!

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