Projects in writing can be broad and various, so here are the areas where Siri can help you out:

• print publication     • web content
• news                              • blogs
• reviews                         • press materials (press releases, bios, etc.)

Print Publications & Websites
Siri enjoys keeping up to date with entertainment and pop culture. She’s mostly familiar with writing for music industry and currently forging her way to write more about mental health, however, her writing is not exclusive for music and mental health. She is open and quick to adapt to work efficiently on writing projects in other subject areas.

Siri loves discovering new things and can offer her opinion on these subjects and more: music releases, concerts/festivals, TV show, movie, anime, food/restaurant, travel, and video games.

Press Materials + Bios
From living in Los Angeles and working in music, Siri has corresponded and collaborated with industry folk, more specifically publicity firms, so she is familiar with different styles of writing for press releases. In addition, Siri has established connections with music artists, who have reached out to her to write press materials, artist bios, and website content.

• editing/proofreading

Siri also works as a freelance transcriptionist, currently aligned with Daily Transcription located in Los Angeles, CA. In the past, for various publications, she has written interview questions, coordinated and conducted interviews, and transcribed and edited the interviews into text form with 100% accuracy.

**Other portfolio examples available upon request.

Houston Business Journal
Why young professionals chase job titles

Leading Edge Digital Magazine
Cubester® Chat: Self-Care Tips to Manage Stress

Music Connection Magazine


Infectious Magazine
Mental Health Matters: When Moving to LA to Pursue Your Dream Breaks You

Op-Ed: An Honest Reaction to Demi Lovato’s Simply Complicated Documentary

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Writing has been flowing through Siri’s veins since her youth. Whether it was her diary, poetry, short stories, scripts, or more, she was always writing creatively. In middle school, she started accumulating spiral journals filled with countless poems and lyrics, and in high school, she joined the Literary Club and published some of those pieces in the club’s zine. For her college courses, she preferred essay-based classes that allowed her to continue honing her writing skills, academically as well as creatively. She also started a Tumblr page in college, which is where she first started publishing her words online. Living in Los Angeles and working in the music industry, Siri continued writing lyrics and poems in addition to her editorial articles with various publications. Since moving back to Texas, she’s rekindled her love for writing and has been on an inspirational surge to self-publish her own creative works in the forms of poetry collections, coming-of-age and romance novels, and feel-good books.