Bad at Love

My second published work is Bad at Love. This collection of poetry is currently available on Amazon, as well as other online retailers!

cover image credit: Tiffany Le

About Bad at Love:
Love is complicated. It’s something that can be strong yet fragile at the same time. It’s something we can instantly stumble upon or spend our whole lives searching for but never find. It’s something we fight for vigilantly, and sometimes it’s something we can’t get rid of when we desperately want to. It’s something we cling onto and keep close to our hearts, but it can disappear in a blink of an eye.

Wearing a heart on its sleeve through poetry and prose, Bad At Love rides the rollercoaster that is love. Broken into five parts, the book explores the stages of relationships. From the moment you first meet eyes with someone in sparkling attraction, to falling into your feelings, to basking in passionate love, to plummeting in the trenches of heartbreak, before discovering love anew.

At this time, I unfortunately do not have the compatible WordPress account that can utilize an e-commerce plugin, so here is the process on how to purchase a signed copy:

Signed copies of Bad at Love are: $12.00 BEFORE tax + shipping/handling

1) Send a message directly to me via my website’s CONTACT PAGE and provide the following information:

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