Copyediting / Proofreading

In her spare time, Siri loves to read and is constantly on the lookout for new stories. When she worked as the Associate Editor for Music Connection Magazine, she utilized her keen attention to detail to catch any and all errors in all documents print or digital.

In addition, she draws upon her Radio-Television-Film – Screenwriting degree to assert her knowledge of storytelling, character/plot development, setups/payoffs, dialogue and more to help uplift and elevate writers’ works.

For fledgling authors looking to self-publish their creative projects, Siri wants to offer her skills to bring those visions to fruition.


reading through the material once, combing out errors such as:

• spelling           • punctuation         • typos
• grammar        • consistency

reading through the material thoroughly, once maybe twice. In addition to Proofreading tasks, can offer suggestions and edits for:

• content               • structure
• word choice      • readability

involvement in the developing stages of the material. Working alongside the author and contributing to the overall structure of the material.

• transcripts
• editing/proofreading

Siri also works as a freelance transcriptionist, currently aligned with Daily Transcription located in Los Angeles, CA. In the past, for various publications, she has written interview questions, coordinated and conducted interviews, and transcribed and edited the interviews into text form with 100% accuracy.

**Contact for rates!

**Authors from DD should make sure to mention so in their inquiries.