Rengoku Glass Painting!

Okay, I’m actually quite surprised how well this painting turned out. Who did I paint this time? None other than the Flame Hashira himself from Demon Slayer — Kyōjurō Rengoku! This one was a bit of a challenge and here’s why…

So, two new things were added to my palette this time around – shadows and warmer colors. But for real, the warmer colors were a given because Rengoku’s hair is literally flames. What I wasn’t prepared for was mixing colors for the shadows on his uniform, skin and hair. It’s not as simple as just using the black, white, flesh tone, red and yellow. That might have still been good enough, but I wanted to challenge myself and capture the lighting he’s in aboard the Mugen Train. What I managed to successfully do is mix one color and then transform it into additional colors, so I’m glad I’m consistent in picking the order of which color combinations to start, using one I already need as the foundation to mix into another one.

I tried to do a better job of painting to all corners so there were no holes, and I think I did a decent job touching up towards the end. However, you can definitely see my brush strokes and see through the paint. I’ve seen so many TikTok videos of folks painting and they have such clean thick paint lines, and I don’t know how to do that! Honestly, it just might be me needing to get even more comfortable using SO MUCH paint with every stroke; I tend to be more economical with how much I put on the brush…

What I’m super happy about is the skin color and skin color shadow blended and fit together so well. It looks way more like a natural shadow. I was really worried about those looking so starkly different like in my Draken and Gojo paintings. Progress!

It’s amazing how I can sit down and start a painting AND finish it. All in one sitting of three to five hours. I can’t emphasize enough how much solace painting brings me because it takes me away from the world and pours my focus and creativity into something artful. Can’t wait to pick my next art subject and create another one! Set your heart ablaze!

Who should I paint next?!


Weekly Meals – Nov. 7 – 12, 2021

Late on posting again! No profound message here to accompany these dishes other than I’m slowly but surely working on becoming a professional hermit like Futaba Sakura from Persona 5. She’s my spirit animal, and living alone and spending time alone sounds like a great time.

Here’s what I made and ate:

  • Mapo Tofu (from My Hero Academia Season 5)
    • No spoilers here but there’s an episode in My Hero Academia Season 5 where Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki eat this dish, and to be honest, it didn’t occur to me to make it myself. It wasn’t until I was down the rabbit hole of anime TikTok and someone showed a video of them making it, and it looked DELICIOUS in real life.
  • Tofu Rice Dumplings
    • This is the third time I’ve made this, and I cannot get it right for some reason! The rice paper gets crispy on the outer layer, but the inner layer becomes gelatinous and makes it chewy. It’s probably related to the vegetables and tofu letting go of water and causing the paper to absorb it. So, lesson learned to make sure the tofu and cabbage are both completely dried out before wrapping them. (Plus, let’s be real, the anxiety of burning the rice paper and setting of the smoke alarm is real LOL)
  • Keto Eggroll bowl
    • A great recipe to make if you’re craving egg rolls but are too lazy to wrap them all and fry them! And it’s low-carb and keto friendly! Although I did eat mine with a little bit of rice.
  • Kimchi Soondubu Jigae
    • I forgot how I stumbled upon this one, but it’s incredibly easy to make – you put all the ingredients in a pot and let it simmer and mesh all the flavors. On top of that, because I live alone, one small pot can last me 3 – 4 meals. It’s usually made with pork shoulder, but I use beef ‘cause HEB doesn’t have the right type of pork meat to eat with it. Seldom do I go to the asian grocery store to get it, so making it with what I got!

I will say this… there was a time in Austin, TX for college where I was eating more tofu, but then I couldn’t recreate that same craving living in Los Angeles. Now, it’s found its way back onto my plate! I feel like I eat more tofu than I do red meat now, and I am not complaining one bit!

What’s on your plates?


Weekly Meals – Oct. 24 – 29, 2021

Ahhhh, I’m behind on my weekly meal posts… I had to deal with prepping for a medical procedure last week, so I failed to carve out time to write this. But here are the meals from the week of Halloween – still continuing down the path of increased fiber intake. Here’s what I made and ate! And now I’m including recipe links in case y’all wanna try anything here (:

  • Chicken, broccoli and brown rice with Green Goddess sauce
    • I’ve had Green Goddess sauce once at my sister’s house, and it was DELICIOUS. However, when I tried making it, I made some substitutions that I probably shouldn’t do ‘cause it changes and tastes more like a pesto sauce. Next time!
  • Chicken burrito wraps
  • Green Goddess grilled cheese
    • Oh my goodness… who knew a sandwich could be so rich with flavor. This was relatively easy to make, but I didn’t use a brioche bread, like the recipe said to use. My grocery list is made with the idea of using all the items in overlapping recipes versus one-time use and wasting food. I don’t know if I would make this again only because I don’t think I made it well enough. This is something I would entrust a restaurant chef to make more decadently.
  • Baked chicken with kale caesar salad (made by my mom)
    • So, this is a recipe I can’t share ‘cause I’ve never made it myself, but my mom makes this so well. Everything is in synergy and tastes amazing. She used to make the Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, but one random day she tried it with kale and now it’s what I request all the time. YUM!

I’m pretty proud of myself that I made healthier meals than I usually do and embraced brown rice instead of white jasmine rice. It’s definitely an adjustment, but at the end of the day it is better for me.

What are y’all eating?! Give me more ideas!