I am an inspired content creator, writer and author. Currently I work in the marketing department of a premier accounting and advisory firm while helping lead Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts in the industry by serving as a Co-Chair of the Association for Accounting Marketing DEI Committee.

During my spare time, I enjoy watching anime, writing, playing video games, reading, cooking/baking, photography, photoshoots, working out, yoga, spending time with family and friends, and connecting with new people.

Born and raised in Houston, TX, I fell in love with music, and singing continues to be my number one hobby. In middle school and high school, I actively participated in the school choir, performing in concerts, musicals, conferences and competitions. In addition, I recorded and posted live video performances of cover songs for a YouTube channel, as well as a collaboration channel with my younger sister. During my free time, I kept many journals filled with creative writings from poetry, lyrics and short stories.

For college I spent four years attending the University of Texas at Austin, where I got a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications – Radio-Television-Film, specializing in Screenwriting. Even though I was a full-time student, I also worked freelance as a staff photographer, videographer and writer for an online publication in New York, Rock Edition. I traveled between various Texas cities as a concert photographer and videographer for interviews with bands and artists. Also, for seven years, I worked at the South by Southwest music festival, starting as a stagehand, helping with stage setup and takedown, to artist interview videographer and photographer.

Shortly after graduating from college, I moved to the city of angels–Los Angeles–and worked in the city of opportunity for four years before relocating back to Houston. While in Los Angeles, I was the Associate Editor for a national print publication, Music Connection Magazine, which has been in circulation for over 40 years. Each month, I contributed to every print issue and was the sole manager of the magazine‚Äôs website, social media and digital marketing–on top of other major duties.

I’m currently taking a long hiatus from Twitch TV, where I am an Affiliate streamer. During my streaming days, I focused on providing variety streaming content. I streamed nightly Monday thru Friday, playing video games, cooking, playing guitar, singing, hosting charity streams and more.

(photo credit: Jim Donnelly Photography)