voice acting

New voice acting role!

(We’re going to ignore that I’ve been absent since February – I blame that crazy winter storm Texas went through!)

In the last year, I was lending my voice for the Davenporte SIMS series as villainess, Rhonda, and then… some things happen (no spoilers!) and that role ended. If you wanna catch up on what happens in Season 1, you can watch all the episodes in one video on YouTube!

SO! What’s the new voice acting role? The creator of Davenporte reached out to me to voice another character for Season 2! I’m excited for this gig and can’t wait to see how she impacts the stories and characters.

Screen capture of the SIMS game with a brunette in a red beret and dress standing on a street during Winter.

Some other exciting news about the series is it’s been nominated eight times for the TYSPE Awards! Voice acting is one of my secret passions I don’t usually talk to people about, so I’m incredibly honored to be part of this project, and it makes me happy the creator remembered me from eons ago for my first gig with him.

Screen capture of Adobe Audition software editing voice audio files.

Thanks to those who have watched Davenporte and supported the series thus far. Stay tuned for Season 2!


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