Reki Cosplay

It’s been almost a year, but I did a photoshoot of my next cosplay! This year a new anime came out, and I fell completely in love with it — SK8 The Infinity.

The character I’m cosplay in the photos below is Reki Kyan (red head on the left)! I used to have a skateboard when I was younger, but unfortunately didn’t have one to pose with. We did shoot at one of Houston’s local skate parks, and I could have asked one of the bros there to borrow their boards but nahhhhhhh.

One of my philosophies of cosplay is using clothes that I already have in my closet and building on top of it with new pieces if needed. I can’t bring myself to buy the official cosplay outfits without having put in any work myself. So what I ended up using for my Reki cosplay are:

• blue and white bandana from SXSW once a upon a time
• yellow Troye Sivan hoodie
• black blazer from Zara I will wear in the future in real life
• Super Mario themed Vans shoes

The trickiest part of cosplay is the wig. Some characters you get lucky without needing to style it or maintain it, but others, you have to defy gravity and get the hair to stick up. I have only done one other cosplay needing to style the hair, and that was a challenge. You can see said cosplay for Nagito Komaeda. Anyway, the challenge with Reki is he has so many “triangle” pieces that stick up and out, and the wigs come flat and untouched. It takes a lot of patience to gel, spray, cut, shape, and blow dry all the pieces. It honestly frustrated me to see how mediocre it was at first, but then my friend, Courtney, help style the hair to make it look more natural and less choppy. It. Turned. Out. Great.

So, why did I create another cosplay? Well, since the pandemic, I haven’t been to any conventions, but that changes this week! Courtney and I are heading to San Antonio for San Japan, where I’ll be cosplaying Reki from SK8 and Futaba Sakura from Persona 5!

Enjoy the amazing photos – courtesy of Khoa D Photography! Also, wearing a hoodie, blazer and jeans in the dead heat of August in Texas — do not recommend! I left sweat butt prints on the concrete hahahah

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