Completing the Blogilates 21 Day Tone Challenge | Progress Pics

This post is long overdue, but better late than never! At the start of 2021, and for the month of January, my sister and I completed the Blogilates 21-Day Tone Challenge with Cassey Ho. Normally, I’m pretty active with a routine workout schedule but I know my sister has been struggling with maintaining one since the pandemic hit, so I suggested we do this challenge together virtually.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am naturally thin. I am aware and have never complained about my weight or the way my body looks. That said, I have been active and eating healthy for YEARS and maintained my fitness. Plus, there are plethora other reasons to eat healthy and work out regularly in addition to weight loss and vanity.

Every day for the 21 days, we video chatted each other, and we did the day’s video together, each one focusing on a different area of the body. Admittedly, even as fit as I am, some of these videos were challenging, but it honestly felt great to feel the sweat dripping onto my workout mat and the burn in the muscle areas. The best part? Knowing that you put in the work to take care of yourself is incredibly rewarding.

Obviously after working out consistently every day AND eating a healthy diet will show results, which are great, but I think the main takeaway is building strength and stamina over time – to get stronger, more confident and have happier moods. At first it was harder to keep up and keep up with Cassey’s reps, but by the end, the videos had become easier to accomplish. And as far as moods go – yeah, there are bad days, but in general, I’m in a much better, happier, positive state of mind. Less emo and down in the dumps about life.

My main goal, though, truthfully? They say – and even Cassey said so in the first video – it takes three weeks to form a habit, so essentially, I was hoping that after doing this challenge, my sister would be back in the habit of working out consistently again. And I’m happy to say that after the 21 days, she hit me up Monday morning and asked, “What are we working out today?”


I’m so proud of her for doing this challenge, doing it with me and accomplishing this commitment to herself.

But the work doesn’t stop there! She’s been wanting to do a Chloe Ting challenge for a long time, and now she’s courageous enough to tackle that one too! It’s 28 days (February) and focused on core and cardio, and let me tell you… it’s only day three and we’re both dying. Chloe’s workouts are intense, and I’m sweating more than the Blogilates challenge! I’m looking forward to it. Stay tuned for the next progress pics!


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