Mixed Bag of Thoughts

Welp, it’s 2019…

The first official week of 2019 has gone and passed real quick, and I have to say… it’s been amazing already. I can’t explain why for private and confidential reasons, but it all came as a surprise to me—and for that, I’m incredibly thankful for what’s happened thus far. It sets the tone for a great 2019 on the horizon, and I can’t wait to see what else the new year has to offer.

Before new year’s happened, I looked at what my goals were for 2018 and reflected on the year – what happened, what was accomplished, what needs to be worked on and more. Here’s how I did for 2018:

  • Solo Siri
  • back to the diet/workout grind
  • low-carb diet
  • no alcohol
  • continue the Five-Minute Journal
  • land a steady income job
  • move out to my own apartment
  • expand my Twitch channel
  • work on self-publishing two future works

My biggest win for 2018 is I am over one year sober. Even though there were times I wanted to drink my troubles away and make myself numb, I didn’t give in and worked through everything on my own. Recently, people have asked me if I will continue my sobriety or go back to drinking, but honestly, I don’t miss it. Granted, certain drinks sound good sometimes, but I don’t need it – I wanna see where this road goes.

sobriety - blog - 011319

Second biggest win was landing a steady income job. Not being able to support myself financially – and pay my family back for helping me out – was a major reason for my depression, and once I got my job, I was ecstatic. After being let go of what I thought was a great opportunity back in March was actually a blessing in disguise for this new one that I have been at for about nine months.

office - blog - 011319

I cannot emphasize how glad I am this opportunity came to me one random day when my phone rang. It’s reignited my love for creativity, introduced me to some amazing new friends and shown me inspiring role models, all wrapped around opportunities to grow as a professional, as well as a person. That all said… it was an adjustment with the long commutes to and from the office, working eight hours, along with overtime hours, so unfortunately my Twitch streaming and self-publishing took a backseat for a bit.

At first glance it looks like I didn’t do much, but evaluating the importance of the things I did accomplish, I think it was a great setup for 2019:

  • Move out and find my own apartment
  • Continuing my sobriety
  • Focus on myself / learn to relax
    • dedicate one weekend a month for me, myself and I
    • cut down on “busy” activity
    • read more
  • Maintain healthy diet and workout regimen
  • Focus on writing
    • goal: publish three books this year
    • consistent blogs
    • temporarily cut out extra side gigs
    • maintain a doable Twitch stream schedule

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again — all of my resolutions this year revolve around one thing: focusing on myself. Little by little, I’ve learned each year how to love myself a little more. It’s an ongoing process that will probably take a lifetime, but progress is progress.

love me - blog - 011319

What are some of your resolutions? Remember that goals don’t have to be big, grand things that could take a long time to accomplish. Goals are goals–no matter how big or small. Do what will make you happy and know that any little accomplishment is still an accomplishment and worth the celebration. I wish you all the best wishes to accomplish your goals!


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