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Challenge: 30-Day Workout and Diet Reset

Five weeks. It has been five weeks since falling off my healthy wagon. Ever since I had the flu, and been knee deep in projects (which is a good thing), I have not gotten my butt back in the gym, and on top of that, I have been eating HORRIBLY. Bread, fast food and sugar galore! Everyone knows my undying love for Wendy’s, but good lawd, they gave me so many coupons that I went almost every week religiously, sometimes TWICE in a week. Then I gave up chocolate for lent, but I ended up making 50 sugar cookies and an entire tray of lemon bar squares, which got devoured within a couple days. Horrible.

Well… tomorrow is the start of March—holy my lanta, how did we get here so fast?!—and I am determined to climb back onboard the healthy wagon with a 30-DAY RESET CHALLENGE. Yes, I realize I’m thin and don’t need to “lose weight,” but as I’ve said many time again, this is not about losing weight. Workout and healthier eating habits help maintain discipline and create a better, healthier body for myself. Plus, no one wants to feel sluggish from the food they eat and/or beat themselves up from feeling eater’s remorse.

What regimens am I incorporating this time around? I’m not going too far fetched.

1) Blogilates’ 30-day Flat Ab Challenge
My core has always been my focus, because that’s an essential muscle group to keep fit and strong to supplement other muscles. And admittedly, (yes, again, I KNOW I’m small and thin), this is the area I’m most insecure about on my body, so I want to work up the confidence to feel secure with it. Not only does the Blogilates 30-Day Flat Ab Challenge present various exercises that focus on different parts of the abs, it increases the reps each day AND challenges me to drink more water, which I am TERRIBLE at as it is. Stay hydrated, y’all!

blog - 02.28.18 - 30-day-ab-challenge-blogilates

I’ve also accepted a new job, so adding that into my schedule will challenge me further to fit in my mini-ab workouts. Back in LA, I had a daily routine down to a tee with two workouts a day and weekly meal prep scheduled around my 9 – 5 job and streaming. Truthfully I would love to get back to that.

2) Low Carb Intake
This is where I struggle the most with dietary habits. I’ve managed to cut out pasta and rice (even living in an Asian household), but bread is my kryptonite. I love burgers, kolaches, pizza, bread with brie cheese and so much more, but it’s time to limit the intake, because carbs don’t make me feel full therefore I continue to gorge until I’m about to burst from the seams of my jeans. Since I cut out rice, I find myself eating more nutritious food such as vegetables, which I used to never eat enough of in the past.

I’ve been searching around the interwebs to find healthy recipes to make, and I’ve come across some gems. Namely, my sister showed me Fully Raw Kristina, whose recipe for a raw vegan pesto pasta I made this week and was a success! For Christmas my cousins got me a new food processor from Cuisinart, which I made the homemade pesto sauce with, and my uncle gave my family a new spiralizer from Vegetti, which I used to make the zucchini noodles!

Surprisingly eating zucchini “spaghetti” helped me curb my craving for pasta. (I never usually crave it to begin with, but when my family is eating it, I stare at it longingly and want to stuff my face with it.) In addition, I don’t feel guilty grabbing another helping of it, because it doesn’t give me that sluggish feeling I used to get eating pasta noodles. I explored Kristina’s website quite a bit and found recipes for other zoodles recipes for fettuccini alfredo and sweet curry.

3) Cut Down on Sugar
For lent, I’ve already cut out chocolate, because my dad has a mega sweet tooth and buys bags on bags of chocolate delicacies when he goes to the store, which I’ve been eating every day after every meal. IT. NEEDS. TO. STOP. But even though I cut out chocolate, I started hella craving sweet things, so I ended up making those sugar cookies and the lemon bars. Thinking back to past years I gave up chocolate, I remembered that I turned to other sweet foods (namely white powdered donuts) all the time to fill that void.

This could prove to be quite the struggle as well considering I love to bake and crave sweets more than I have in the past, but I’m determined to make it work. A treat here and there is nice, but I tend to cross the line of how much a “treat” is.

blog - 02.28.18 - strawberry parfait cups

In the midst of my past healthy regimens, I found a recipe for strawberry parfait cups from Blogilates. These are quick and easy to make and one cup can serve a perfect size snack and/or dessert without wanting to eat more and more.

• • •

There ya have it, folks! Me ranting about trying to be healthier. They say that the workout is the easiest thing to incorporate, however, it is not the biggest indicator for results. The DIET is 70% of what helps people see changes in energy, physical body and mindset. That said, I openly challenge anyone to join me in this challenge and share any thoughts, tips, results and more!

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