Mixed Bag of Thoughts

The Past Week

Well… it has officially been a week since Saudade has been live and available for purchase, and let me tell you that the support has been phenomenal, way beyond my expectations. Especially in the bed-ridden state that I’m in. And here is why:


For this entire week I have been in bed fighting the flu (or flu-like illness). Three days after the launch of my book, I woke up feeling ill—but ill in the sense of my usual monthly sinus, drainage, allergies, cold, which I was pretty upset about since I just got over being sick for two weeks over the holidays. Not only that but I felt fatigued and had major body aches, which I thought were from playing too much intense Guitar Hero to be honest. Anyway, I finally have health insurance so I made a doctor’s appointment for the next day to figure out why I’ve been sick so often in the past six months. (When I was living in LA, I was sick maybe three or four times a YEAR.)

So in light of this I also decided to take the day off and actually focus on getting better, so I laid in bed and fell asleep for about five hours. Boy, was that a terrible idea—this is why I don’t take naps and WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE THEM. When I woke up, it was blazing hot (even though I removed one of my heavy blankets), my body was burning and I felt like my brain was melting. This sensation was all too familiar to my “ER Incident of 2016” (THAT’S a great House MD-type story), so I rushed to take my temperature and HOLY GUACAMOLE I was running a 102.5 fever! Trying not to freak out, I got out of bed and mozied around the house for about ten minutes to cool my body down—maybe it was really hot from my nap, which is a false pretense to believe for me, honestly. I checked it again after and it crept up to 102.9. Seriously?

So I told my mom about my high temperature and fast forward many phone calls and conversations with my health insurance and various clinics in the area, we started heading to an urgent care. Just before we left, I took a couple Tylenol and checked my temperature again: 103. GOOD LORD.

Here’s where the support for Saudade comes in to brighten the day on this despair-filled adventure. I was in the waiting room when I saw someone tweeted pictures of Saudade and promo’d me and the Amazon link, and I was extremely surprised and touched. The same thing happened the next day when someone messaged me that their shipment was arriving that day. And then the next day when another person hit me up on Instagram that they were reading it and promo’d it on their story!

I am so incredibly moved by the overwhelming support that’s happened over this week. In just a day, I got more signed book orders than I had anticipated that I had to order a second shipment of books! So to anyone reading this who has supported me—THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seeing people express their interest in Saudade has been a beacon of light as I sat in my bed doing NOTHING. Oh, the torture of doing nothing and not working.


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