Here’s Why We Should Love Barret from Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Final Fantasy VII Remake game has taken the world by storm, and everyone is flocking to Midgar. Have you jumped on the wild train yet? Without giving too much away – because this IS a spoiler-free zone – one of the great and commendable things about this remake of the original, released in 1997, is the characterization. Gamers didn’t get a chance to get to know many characters in the original game, but now, in this hella fleshed out remake game, the characters are brought to life with voice actors, quirks and backstories – you start to grow more attached to these folks.

But let’s put aside the obvious favorite characters we know and love – aka Cloud and Tifa. Now that I’ve finally finished the game in 60 wonderful hours, I want to talk about a character I never thought I’d end up loving and I feel is underappreciated, both then and even now.

Y’all know him and you will learn to love him: Barret. He’s the loud, ambitious and fearless leader of Avalanche, and he’s the bad ass bro with a machine gun for an arm.

Need some convincing? Here are the five reasons we should love and appreciate Barret:

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