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Random Meals – 2/7 – 3/11/22

There have been some good recipe finds in the last couple of weeks’ meal plans! That’s always exciting (: I’m really bad about eating enough vegetables, so I’m glad I stumbled upon these recipes. What did I have? Find out below!

  • Green Goddess Soup
    • This was one of the great finds for my meal plan! Green goddess dip was delicious, so I was excited to try it out in soup form! It’s a great source of vegetables (90% of the dish), and you wouldn’t even know it tasting it, especially after you add coconut milk – that’s all I could taste as I took each bite. To be completely honest, this is best served hot right away versus saving it in the fridge and eating later. That all said, I would have halved the ingredients so it’s half the portion so I can finish it all.
  • Cucumber Feta Salad
    • THIS was my favorite meal that I ate. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of fresh salads, but this was tasty and light enough for me to make multiple times and for my family as well! It’s super simple to prepare and make and delicious to eat.
  • Roasted Red Pepper Salmon
    • Another great find in my meal plan! It was a new way to eat salmon than my usual with avocado and rice, but boy I need to portion out the red pepper marinade better! The honey burnt so bad it smoked my kitchen! Luckily it didn’t turn into a bad situation, and it didn’t set off any alarms. Anyway, it was delicious and filling! I also sent a picture to my family because I was proud of making it, and my dad, who is a stellar chef, said it looked professional like a restaurant made it. That compliment made my day!
  • Honey Garlic Pork
    • So, this recipe is supposed to be chicken, but I did not check my inventory and found out that I didn’t have any. Luckily, this recipe also works with pork, so I substituted it! Another substitute I made was using potato starch instead of corn starch. This is a simple dish, but it is packed with good flavors.
  • Kimchi Udon Noodles
    • These are the kimchi udon noodles I wanted to make last meal plan when I ran out of kimchi and then bought a fresh container containing mold. And boy howdy it. is. GOOD. I’m definitely going to make this more often because it’s easy to make and yummy. I love the texture of udon and the flavor is packing!
  • Bang Bang “Stir Fry” Shrimp
    • You may remember this Bang Bang Shrimp recipe from a few meal plans ago, but I brought it back again because I love the flavor and I need a meatless one-dish wonder for Fridays during Lent! However, last time I made the recipe by frying the shrimp with panko in vegetable oil, I got a physical done later that week and the doctor found high levels of triglycerides in my blood and advised me to avoid fast food, greasy and oily foods. So, this time, I tried to pseudo stir fry the shrimp with potato starch and add the sauce in the pan to coat it – almost like a honey glaze for the Honey Garlic Pork I made.

Okay, real talk, ALL of these recipes have been extremely delicious, and I will be the biggest repeat offender of them all. I can’t wait to eat them again plus add more to the meal plan repertoire!

What are some new recipes you’ve found lately? Share them in the comments below!


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