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Random Meals – 3/28 – 4/8/22

More great recipes finds were discovered! As I’ve been slowly incorporating more plant-based and vegan elements to my diet, it’s been even more fun to be cooking. And I cannot express how GOOD it feels to know you’re feeding yourself healthy food instead of the guilt I feel when I eat unhealthy. I can’t go through another “bad news” doctor visit ever again!

  • Vegan Warm Orzo Salad
    • From the past two weeks, this was my favorite dish to make/eat. It’s a lot of prep work to chop all the vegetables and bake them, but once everything is together, it tastes divine. The recipe yields a lot for one person, so I was happy I was able to share some for lunch with my mom and send her home with her next lunch at home! Definitely going to make this again.
  • Spicy Garlic Udon
  • Green Goddess Sandwich
    • The more I make sandwiches, the more I understand why people say it’s an art to put one together and have the flavors work in harmony. This is by far the best sandwich I’ve made, and I also made one for my mom, which she loved! Having a regular turkey, tomato, lettuce and cheese sandwich is already delicious, but adding a smear of hummus and a smear of green goddess dressing is SUPERB.
  • Hummus Toast
    • Don’t let this deceive you! I thought I could handle both slices, but I got full after one!
  • Curried Salmon with Basmati Rice
    • This recipe may need some refinement on my part, but honestly, I was playing “What Do I Have Left in my Fridge?” like my dad does, and it was semi-successful. The salmon could have been less cooked – it was a little tough tough – and I’m still trying to perfect the best fluffy rice technique!
  • Spicy Peanut Butter Udon
    • Okay, I admit that I was a tiny bit skeptical when I put this on my meal list, but I’ve been OBSESSED with udon noodles and wanna cook it in all the ways! I ran out of greens to add to this dish, but the sauce flavor is on point. I tried it both with udon and instant ramen (without the packaged seasoning) and can confirm both are tasty!

Some call it madness, but there’s a method to my madness. My meal planning spans all dishes for two weeks so that I’m using the same ingredients without wasting, and I eliminate multiple trips to the grocery store. Next on my list that my mom and I are gonna try is a modified version of the infamous Jennifer Aniston salad!

What’s next on your recipe list?!


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