Tengen Uzui Glass Painting!

The next glass painting I did is extra special, not only was it another good challenge, but it was a Christmas gift for my best friend ’cause she LOVES this character from Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc. Tengen Uzui – the Sound Hashira!

Siri Svay holding a black-framed glass painting of Tengen Uzui from Demon Slayer

For this one, I took my time and spread out my painting efforts. Instead of sitting down in one sitting for four to five hours, I dedicated each day for a week adding new elements to the painting. And admittedly I forgot to take more progress pics between sessions, so I’m sorry about that!

Shadow work was consistent, if not improved a little bit, so I was happy that turned out well. As I was drawing and tracing the image, I was lowkey worried Tengen Uzui’s hair was gonna be the biggest challenge with its sharp edges and thin layers of shadows embedded throughout. That was one of the areas I split up between days so I could really focus and zone in on the different sections.

I also admit I was intimidated by the background behind him, and that would definitely be a whole other week trying to figure out timing and layering of the rainbow of colors. Not to mention the imprints of flowers and sparkles. The compromise? I dabbed wads of paper towels and tried to create a textured look, and I think it worked pretty well!

My line work still needs fine tuning, but I did better this time around. Because I split up the time across a week, I dedicated more time to perfecting and making sure no holes were visible and paint reached the black outlines. Although by the end of it, I realized my black outline efforts had small holes themselves, so in the future, I need to double check those.

Overall, Tengen Uzui’s painting was a lot of fun, especially ’cause it’s in conjunction with the new Entertainment District arc, which is super hype by the way. I’m loving every episode so far. Not only that, but this painting also has sentimental value being gifted for someone else, and I can’t wait to see where she puts the painting amidst her decor!


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