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My Voice Debuted in “Davenporte!”

AHHHH! The moment I’ve been waiting for – my grand return to voice acting. Voice acting has been a big interest of mine for a long time. Growing up, I always wanted to entertain, however, I knew I would be a terrible actor so I chose my voice to be my vehicle – first singing and now voice acting. It’s utterly amazing to hear so many voice actors change their vocal tone, range, acting ability, and they truly inspire me to pursue down the path.

Anyway, one of the SIMs content creators I worked with back in college graciously offered me a role in his drama series, “Davenporte,” and today – episode 4 – my voice made it to the screen! See the video below:

I’m so incredibly thankful for the creator’s support and for giving me the opportunity to entertain again. And I’m thrilled to see in the comments, people are engaged with the show and don’t hate me – yet!

Make sure to follow the series on YouTube and catch up on all the drama 🙂

More to come!


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