10 Characters to Watch for in the Danganronpa Mobile Games

Word on the street is Spike Chunsoft will release the Danganronpa games worldwide to mobile for the franchise’s 10th anniversary! Fans of the games listed below can relive the despair-filled days orchestrated by a sadistic mecha-bear, Monokuma, in the palm of their hands:

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

I’m undecided if I will download the games on my phone, but I want to dedicate a post to this series, which has a special place in my heart. Why? Ironically these games were a happy place in the last days I was living in Los Angeles, driving back to Texas and adapting to life in Texas again. It was a rough time of my life, but Danganronpa and the geeking out with friends over the game are irreplaceable memories.

Anyway, for those returning to Hopes Peak Academy, you’ll remember these familiar and loveable faces, but for the new students about to enroll, here are 10 characters to watch out for (across the three games):

(Doing my best not to write major spoilers here, but be weary!)

  1. S A K U R A   O G A M I  | The Ultimate Martial Artist10 Danganronpa_Sakura Ogami

Don’t let Sakura’s stature intimidate you. She may look scary, but you’re seeing the result of hard work training. Not to name tropes, but Sakura is the gentle giant you love, a big softie underneath the strong, tough exterior. Aside from strict discipline of earning your stripes, she values friendship, honor and nobility – things I feel sometimes people don’t uphold in society today. Much love and respect.

  1. K A I T O   M O M O T A  | The Ultimate Astronaut
    10 Danganronpa_Kaito Momota

Need a dose of positivity and motivation? Kaito is your guy. At any cost, he never gives up and fights his hardest in the face of despair. Nothing gets in his way from seeing the brighter side of things and living life to the fullest. If there could be another title to add to his belt, he’d be the Ultimate Bro. He’s got your back and always believes in people. Essentially, Kaito’s heart is so heartwarmingly large, it soars past the farthest galaxy.

  1. F U Y U H I K O   K U Z U R Y U  | The Ultimate Yakuza
    10 Danganronpa_Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

I have a nickname for Fuyuhiko, and it’s honestly quite catchy – Bitch Baby. First, he looks like a child, aka a baby, and is extremely loud and vocal when he gets angry and throws a tantrum like one. He sticks to his guns and will fight anyone who comes at him. In turn, he’s kind of a bitch as well. But I guess that’s what you can expect from someone titled the Ultimate Yakuza. So, why is he on this list? As much as you want to hate him, you will somehow forgive him. This tragic character really gets under your skin and sticks with you.

  1. K Y O K O   K I R I G I R I  | The Ultimate …
    10 Danganronpa_Kyoko Kirigiri

Slight spoiler here about Kyoko’s ultimate talent, but you get this information at the beginning. That’s all I’m going to say. If you ever want to see a bad ass cool character, it’s Kyoko. Overall, she is probably the strongest character in the entire series. She’s a smart cookie, uncovering the mysteries in front of her alongside her classmates, and no matter how dire situations get, she maintains her composure and doesn’t let emotions take over her. She is goals.

  1. M A K O T O   N A E G I  | The Ultimate Lucky Student
    10 Danganronpa_Makoto Naegi

This guy is so adorable and must be protected at all costs. Makoto’s hopeful passion captivates you, and you want nothing more than good things to happen for him. Even when facing the most shocking events, he is the glue holding the group together, keeping everyone’s spirits up. Step into the light and follow his vision for a bright future.

  1. C H I A K I   N A N A M I  | The Ultimate Gamer
    10 Danganronpa_Chiaki Nanami

Uh, just look at her ultimate talent. Case closed.
Just kidding! Chiaki is the cute, sweet and quirky best girl we don’t deserve. She entices you without saying much, even when she’s astoundingly napping standing upright. Goals, right? But when she does speak, pay attention, because she has a lot of information to offer. She’s perceptive, has a big heart, helps you think outside the box and ultimately guides you to where need to go. She may seem absent and outspoken, but when the gloves come off, she’ll kick your ass at Tetris.

  1. K O K I C H I   O M A  | The Ultimate Supreme Leader
    10 Danganronpa_Kokichi Oma

Kokichi’s ultimate talent and his height are not juxtapositions, irony, synonyms. He truly deserves the title of Ultimate Supreme Leader, because he is a clever little snot. Underneath the fabulous ensemble and purple hair are the workings of big brain plays. Keep an eye on this trickster, because he’s always got something up his sleeve. His mind is ticking around the clock, his mouth never closes with snarky responses, but over time, you come to learn and appreciate his logic. But be careful and don’t believe everything he says… it’s a lie!

  1. J U N K O   E N O S H I M A  | The Ultimate Fashionista
    10 Danganronpa_Junko Enoshima

This outrageous character is unbelievable, and she will shock you at every turn! Dedicated to her mischievous craft, this woman never rests. You will witness her constantly honing her acting career by practicing many facial expressions and embodying multiple personalities. What a model student!

  1. H A J I M E   H I N A T A  | The Ultimate …
    10 Danganronpa_Hajime Hinata

Another slight spoiler here about his ultimate talent, but again, you get this information at the beginning. You know the drill. To put it simply, Hajime is such a good boy. He arrives Hope’s Peak Academy in high spirits and a hella positive attitude, and it’s infectious. On top of that, he cares deeply about his friends even in the face of the ultimate despair and never gives up on hope! As you follow Hajime and his adventures, you develop a close bond with him and you want to protect him no matter what.

  1. N A G I T O   K O M A E D A  | The Ultimate Lucky Student
    10 Danganronpa_Nagito Komaeda

There are two Ultimate Lucky Students? You bet there is – everyone needs extra doses of hope when playing these games. Nagito is not number one because he’s my favorite character – I promise. The reason he’s the best one to look forward to getting to know is he is the most brilliant character written in the franchise. He has an interesting backstory and watching it unfold is a wild ride. He believes so strongly in hope and is helpful in always presenting alternative ways of thinking about things. At the end of the day, you will never be bored with him around, because he constantly surprises you.

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