Poetry by Siri – “A Love Grenade”

A sea of butterflies flying in the woods in broad daylight.

You threw a grenade.
At first I was expecting an awful explosion,
so I kept my walls up and sturdy.
To my surprise,
it was the booming sounds of
fireworks, my heartbeat, and a sea of butterflies’ wings.
It was great at first, but I soon realized
the roaring was really the sound of the earth shattering–
from your berating love bomb,
tricking me into feeling safe.
So I took the blame and endured
the bruising on my heart and soul.
I can only hope I recover
from the deep wounds and stinging scars
you’ve left on me.

You Found Beauty Amongst the Broken

I’ve been tossed around and shattered
one too many times,
but you never tried to fix me.

You see me and understand me, holistically,
without needing to glue me all back together.

You love every little piece of me,
no matter how sharp,
no matter how ugly,
no matter how broken.

You appreciate all of my pieces;
whether they’re temporarily taped together
or fallen into a scattered mess,
you still think I’m beautiful.

You aren’t afraid to hold up
another mirror to show me
where I need growth
so I can be whole again.

I know I’m not easy to love,
but you do every single day,
even when we’ve gone our separate ways.
Thank you for loving me.
And for everything you did
to love me the best way you could,
I’m grateful.


Detrimental Decibels

I caused ruckus in your life,
you shattered my world,
and we created many storms together.
Just two passionate people
who wanted to scream from
skyscrapers and mountaintops
how much we cared about each other–
even if the words shouted
surpassed the highest peak
of sound and stratosphere.
They ultimately pierced us in the heart,
causing pain and heartache.
It was crazy,
but we were crazy in love.