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Weekly Meals – Oct. 17 – 22, 2021

It… has been a hella rough week. And one of the things I exercise regularly is indulging in one of the seven sins: gluttony. Namely, I ordered myself a large pizza to eat down my feelings. It’s weird, though, because sometimes when I’m depressed, I either gorge myself with food or I go in the opposite direction and don’t eat at all. Either way, I tried to continue building my healthier eating habit, but it was a challenge.

Here’s what I ate/cooked this week:

  • Yellow rice and chicken
    • This recipe was given to me by one of my buddies via TikTok, so… yeah LOL because I don’t have that big of a stomach, this dish lasted me three meals.
  • Pizza Hut $10 Tastemaker large 3-topping deal (pepperoni, green bell pepper and mushroom)
  • Salmon, avocado, rice
  • Onigiri with salmon filling
    • Yo, I’m so happy I purchased the tool to make onigiri, but holy crap, it’s A LOT of rice. Essentially I ate the entire rice cooker’s worth of rice in one sitting. It feels disgusting, so lesson learned, a person should only eat one onigiri, not three. Although, I did get a smaller onigiri mold size.
  • Spicy shrimp vermicelli
    • This was spur of the moment and a combination of two TikTok recipes I saw, and YIKES, it is super spicy. Eating only half the serving pictured here had me wanting so much water. But what else can you expect when there’s chili powder, sriracha and red pepper flakes…

Not the most exciting of meals this week, but I’m determined to continue the journey of eating much healthier.

What are y’all cooking? Share recipes with me to try!

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