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Weekly Meals – Oct. 11 – 15, 2021

Weekly meals are back! … sort of. It’s been a while, but things have been one wild thing after another. The short story is my health took a turn and landed me in the ER, and it was a whole dramatic thing. That all said, I’m better now, and up and running, literally – I’ve been on my feet in high heels all day at the office. Anyway, the week after my ER visit and trying to get back to normal, I ate healthier than I usually do to make sure I’m getting all the daily nutrients I need and more.

So, what did I eat last week? Let’s see!

• Dwaeji Bulgogi
>> I didn’t go to the Asian market to get thinly sliced pork shoulder, so went with regular HEB pork slices. Have to try the right cut of meat next time!
• Tuna Avocado Rice Cake
>> This is a recipe I saw from Blogilates, and she makes it with canned chicken, which I didn’t have so gonna try that next time!
• Jamba Juice recipe for Strawberries Wild smoothie with added Metamucil supplement
• Spring Rolls with sliced ribeye steak
• Chicken Salad Wrap
• Ramen with Sliced Steak
>> AKA when you’re too lazy to cook real food so you dress up packaged ramen to look fancier than it is

I guess if you wanted to put a theme to this, it would be high-fiber content – from the hella increased intake of fruit, avocado and fiber tortillas (that I also used for breakfast) down to the daily Metamucil supplement.

What’s on your plate? Anything exciting you’re looking forward to cooking/eating?


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