A Sweet Zara Find!

Once in a blue moon, I treat myself with a shopping splurge to update my wardrobe (and then pass down and/or donate old clothes). And, it’s usually great bonding time with my sister. Currently, my ongoing goal is to shed my emo college and bohemian Coachella-esque LA layers of fashion from my 20s and adopt more chic adult fashion for my 30s. Needless to say, it’s a struggle!

My latest sweet find is a pair of pants from Zara, which were surprisingly decently priced! I hardly shop at Zara and do more window shopping and form ensembles in my mind to find at other stores, but I managed to snag this last pair of pants in my size, and they look amazing and I’m obsessed.

Photography credit: Khoa D Photography
Hair color: Christina Tran | milk + honey
Top: The Loft
Pants: Zara
Purse: Kate Spade
Shoes: Aldo

These photos were taken in this plaza area on Kirby around Pondicheri and milk + honey spa, where I got my hair colored. (Christina did a FANTASTIC job!) I wore this out for the first time while on family vacation in Denver, Colorado when we had an exclusive dining experience at Beckon in RiNo!

I’m not one to follow fashion trends regularly, because I know what I like and honestly can’t pull off some of what’s popular. I just like to wear clothes I’m comfortable in, but also enjoy trying to go out of my comfort zone with new ensembles! There is so much inspiration around, so my cogs are always turning with new ideas.

What are some of your favorite fashion pieces? Let me know!


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