Gojo Glass Painting!

This weekend I took a “me-weekend,” to spend time alone with myself as I work through some of the tough things I’m dealing with. Admittedly I did do some work for my job and WriteHive, but then my goal was to start and finish my first glass painting. And yes, this, too, was inspired by my trash TikTok ways, but I’m thankful for seeing so many artists sharing their work and process online, because it inspired me to do one of my own and now, many more!

Who did I paint? Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen. Anyone who knows me knows I fell completely head over heels for this anime, and it was a shining light that came out of 2020. Well, going to San Japan last weekend, I had a goal to find a Gojo keychain to add to my keychain troupe – a tradition I have whenever I go to conventions. But alas, I didn’t find one I wanted to buy, so this painting was my way to make up for it.

It’s not the best painting I’ve done since I last painted, but I’m happy I was able to tune out the world for a few hours and focus on this painting from inception to completion. Painting on glass like this makes you think about strategy of layers – which colors to put down first so you can paint on top of them without ruining the flow of the image. It was almost like a puzzle to think about my approach.

The best part of painting is mixing colors to create what I need, and 9 times out of 10, the combinations come out pretty accurate. My favorite color process for this one was starting with the sky blue on around Gojo, then adding teal to brighten for his eye, then adding black and violet to that blue mix to create his jacket color.

Things I learned not to do for the future: varnish will disintegrate and cause acrylic paint to crack. I had some Varnish left over from last year’s wine glass painting, which used a thinner, more alcohol-like paint. I thought I was being resourceful, but in reality, I was impatient for the paint to dry so I could see it in the frame… so I had to do some damage control late last night when I realized I made a mistake!

If you want to see the video of me turning the glass around from ugly side to finished side, check out my Instagram: @sirisvay !

Painting always interested me, but I never put actual paint to canvas until the last couple of years. And even more so when my grandfather retired and now he paints full time in retirement. He’s incredibly talented! Nevertheless, I can’t wait to paint my next project.

Who should be painted next?!


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